Ban of Native Wears: Runsewe appeals to Niger State Governor to rescind decision

Governor Mohammed Bago of Niger State

By Agnes Nsikak

Director General, National Council for Arts and Culture ( NCAC) Otunba Segun Runsewe has appealed to the governor of Niger State, Mohammed Bago to rescind his decision on the ban of wearing native wears by the state civil servants to the office except on Fridays.

Runsewe stated that the ban may be construed by many people, particularly the Nigerian young persons who have taken to wearing and showcasing Nigerian wears at social events and also outside the country, thus helping to promote the richness of Nigerian culture and tradition.

Otunba Segun Runsewe, DG, NCAC.

Runsewe, who is also the president of the Africa Region of the World Craft Council, further explained that the ban, if not reappraised, may hurt our local fashion industry, impacting on the tailoring profession and the revival of our fabric sector which in recent times is facing stiff competition from foreign companies who fake and import poor quality Nigerian fabrics into the country.

” I want to most sincerely appeal to his Excellency Governor Mohammed Bago of Niger State to kindly help us keep in focus our efforts to proudly dress as Nigerians and which will help us market our culture, thus creating jobs for our youths, particularly women whose forth is in the area of selling native cloth materials and farming of cotton used in the production of the local fabrics.

” The ban will hurt Niger State fabrics economy and impoverish the tailors and all those involved in the downstream sector of the local fashion economy and may in the long run if not rescinded, give a huge negative edge to eurocentric fabrics against our cultural way of dressing” Runsewe reasoned.

It could be recalled that on Saturday, at the presentation of land development and preparation equipment at the Brains and Hammers Rice city in the Wushishi Local Government, Governor Mohammed Bago banned the wearing of native wears by the state civil servants, both men and women, saying the state workforce should dress like workers who want to create wealth and not as noble men., adding that such cultural values impedes desire to work in order to create wealth.


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