Compt. Shuaibu Cautions border Communities against Jungle Justice


By Innocent Orok

At the Ogun 1 Command, Idiroko border of Ogun State, the Inter-Agency Border Security Forum chaired by Comptroller AB Shuaibu, the helmsman of the Customs at the Idiroko border has frowned against jungle justice by youths at the Border between Nigeria and Benin Republics’ fringes.

The youths were told to report suspected civil cases to the Nigeria Police or any other security agency at the border. Another important pact by the forum made up of several security agencies at the border, is to assist in enforcing the Benin Republic traffic laws by restricting movement of traffic offenders crossing over to the Republic of Benin for cover.

Apart from the two-pronged strategies, the community Chiefs and the youth leaders are told to return to their people and educate them on the motorcycle regulations and traffic laws being enforced by the Benin Republic Police operatives.

On his own, the Chairman of the forum and the Ogun 1 Area Controller stated that peace is a sine qua non to productivity, and flourishing trade across the corridors of the two countries and that there is no sacrifice too big to achieve tranquility across the Borders.

The forum, comprising all security agencies at the Border with their counterparts at the Republic of Benin, the Idiroko community Chiefs and the youths churned out these Resolutions after its meeting Wednesday. The meeting had in attendance the Secretary General of Inter-Border Security Forum, Dr Bonny A. Botoku, who mediates between the two countries.

Compt Shuaibu had always stated that periodic meetings at the border were to address issues that were inimical to the co-operation and peace enjoyed by the security agencies of both countries.


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