SON Seized N30.5m Worth of Cables, Wires in Ekiti State

New SON, DG , Dr Ifeanyi Chukwunonso Okeke

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) recently seized fake electrical cables and wires worth N30.5 million in Ekiti State during a raid in major markets. This action was taken following intelligence reports that some vendors were selling substandard cable wires.

Pius Manji, Director of the Inspectorate and Compliance Department at SON, represented by Joel Aboyeji, informed the press that the raid aimed to remove substandard goods from the markets as the confiscated items were taken away to prevent them from being sold again. Additionally, the SON taskforce sealed off some shops and evacuated the substandard items onto trucks.

Manji revealed that the importer of the inferior products even went as far as cloning popular brands to deceive unsuspecting consumers.

He noted that such deceptive practices not only harm local manufacturers and investments in the sector, but also pose serious risks to households, increasing the likelihood of fire outbreaks due to the use of substandard electric wires.

“The SON is committed to ensuring that only quality products are available in the markets,” stated Manji.

He mentioned that the confiscated cables and wires would be destroyed, and legal action would be taken against dealers who sell substandard products.

The SON’s enforcement team will continue to target dishonest importers and sellers of substandard electrical materials, as their actions not only harm local industries and the economy but also endanger the lives of Nigerians.


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