We read a publication on the 5th of June 2024, where the author of the article was warning a judge not to allow a Nigerian citizen who has a right under the Nigerian Constitution from approaching the court to protect his fundamental human rights. Though, the article did that mention the name(s) of those ignorantly speculating such rants. But if true, then is a clear indication that either the leadership or supporters of the current ANLCA leadership led by Emenike NWOKEOJI NECOM is loosing focus or chasing shadows or rather lacking in ideas on how to move the association forward, leaving substance and chasing shadows and looking for troubles where there’s none.

Though, many in and outside the association have alleged that the current ANLCA NECOM leadership is on a revenge mission by hunting and humiliating those they perceived as their political enemies who lost the election and operating a winners takes it all mentality. It is highly regrettable.

Recalled the illegal action to truncate the tenure of an elected government at ANLCA-MMAC chapter led to the invitation of the Nigerian Police Force to quell any unforseen crisis at MMAC Secretariat of the association, knowing fully well the sensitive security architecture of our Airports and the volatility of some aggrieved members reactions. In such an environment, the action of this present ANLCA NECOM was uncalled for , even when they knew there are two different Appeal Court cases on the seat of government at MMAC.

The sitting Chairman, Prince BAMIGBALA ADEWUSI cannot be accused of running to Police for safety, peace, safety of life and property because he too , like the security agencies understands the terrain of operation.

So by the professional and magnanimity of the Commissioner of Police Airport Command, he had called the meeting of the Security Chiefs at the Airport, comprising of Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Directorate of State Security (DSS), the Airport Police Command and the Nigerian Air Force (NAF). At the meeting the facts and figures were all laid bare . The Security agencies and other stakeholders after listening to all parties advice all to mentain the Status quo, especially as the case are pending in Appeal Court.

But for anyone, person or group of persons to accuse the Police CP or a Court Judge of being biased is either born out of mischief for public sympathy or attempting to misled the ANLCA, NECOM into ridiculing the association in the public eye.

The advice by the Police CP and other security chiefs that the status quo should remain ,is that an offence? Or should the police after looking at the issues support an illegal leadership inbridged of court cases , law and order?. Meanwhile, this was a unanimous decision at the meeting, while the CP commenced his internal investigation into the matter.
I think selfishness, greed and ignorance still abounds so much in our midst as an association.

Despite all these efforts to keep peace at the ANLCA Airport Chapter by the Security agencies ,the NATIONAL PRESIDENT of ANLCA, EMENIKE NWOKEOJI was alleged to have written a petition to the Inspector General of Police (IG) against the CP Airport. “When we discovered the antics of the National President and this new NECOM, members of ANLCA/MMAC who voted for PRINCE BAMIGBALA ADEWUSI and his executives advised him to approach the court to protect his legitimacy.

“Instead of the new NECOM to respond to the court by following the court proceedings till judgement is delivered, some persons believed to be working for the ANLCA National President are again accusing a High Court Judge for issuing a restraining court order. Is ANLCA becoming a lawless association under this new NECOM Emenike NWOKEOJI?

Answers are required from leaders and elders of thoughts in this association please.? We all know the gimmick of the current NECOM. They will be using some media write ups to try to weep up public sentiments in order to intimidate the police and the Judge.

My appeals to my dear media men is to be careful of their gimmicks. Because of the consequences and implications. Because both the police and judge are doing their legitimate and constitutional enshrined duties. Please tell this people to go to Court and defend their actions. Don’t allow them to put you in trouble? Because none of them can talk to the press with their names and position, which they know is contempt of court proceedings,that is why they chose to remain anonymous.

ANLCA must Rise again!!

Friday Igbadon is a Stakeholder at ANLCA MMAC, Chapter.


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