FIREWORKS: ANLCA Airport Chapter Crises Deepens, As Emenike Writes Legal Counsel to withdraw from Case

BAMGBALA ADEWUSI, the embattled MMAC Chapter Chairman

– Adewusi Cries for Justice, accuses Emenike of Witch hunting

Despite pretence and deceits by the current leadership of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) that there is no crises in the foremost Clearing Agents association, facts and reports from the various actions taken so far by the National President, Emenike Kingsley Nwokeoji in his eight months in office speaks to the contrary.

Adewusi Certificate of Returns

The ANLCA National President has few days ago address the media accusing trouble makers and those who lose electron in the association as the proponents of the alleged fresh crises in ANLCA.

The ANLCA National President also exonerated himself from the appointment of a new chapter Executives at the Murtala Mohammed Airport Cargo Chapter, saying it was the court that made Mr Akindele Pius Tope Chairman , but that the last NECOM had refused to inaugurate him.

Tope Akindele withdrawal from the case/ apology letter .

To perpetrate his stance on making sure the current Chairman, Prince BAMGBALA ADEWUSI vacates the office by fire by force, the ANLCA National President has written to the legal team of D.A. Awosika & Partners to hand off the appeal case pending in the court which the ANLCA BOT has hired to defend the matter in court.

In over 41 pages different documents including court papers sighted by our Reporter, the embattled Airport Chairman, Prince Bamgbala Adewusi and other Executives said though the Police have maintained their stance for the Status quo to remain pending determination of the case in the appeal court, the ANLCA National President is using all antics including blackmailing the Police to installed his alleged stooge.


In a letter written on 2nd May, 2024, addressed to D.A. Awosika & Partners LLP and attention Barr. D. A. Awosika SAN, received on the 9th May, 2024, the National President of ANLCA, Emenike Nwokeoji has instructed the lawyer to withdraw from a case.

The letter titled ” Instruction to withdraw Suite NO: CA/LAG/CU/1045/23 Pending in Court of Appeal between ANLCA & ORS V. Alhaji Lasisi Fanu Bisiriyu & ORS”

“We refer to the above , furthermore , we wish to instruct you to immediately withdraw the suit which your firm is currently prosecuting at the Court of Appeal on behalf of the Association .The defendant therein is the current National Executive Committee of the Association and do not wish to continue the suit.

” From the foregoing , we will be pleased to have the process for the withdrawal of the Appeal expedited . We thank you for your services to our Association”

The letter was signed by both Emenike Nwokeoji, National President and Olumide Fakunlu, National Secretary.

The explanation from the above letter is that the National President is asking the Lawyer handling the Appeal which the BOT contested the alleged illegal chapter elections conducted by Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha, where both Alhaji Lasisi Fanu , then at Seme Border and Akindele Pius Tope now been allegedly installed by Emenike to become the chapter Chairman of MMAC. The case which was instituted at Badagry High Court has since gone to the Appeal Court. Just like the incumbent Chairman Prince Bamgbala Adewusi and Bola Ashiru case which is in Appeal Court.

Our findings have also revealed that, according to the ANLCA Constitution, the NECOM has no such powers to withdraw a case, except the BOT and in this case, is the BOT instituted the case which stay of execution is in Appeal Court.
If these facts are true, then why is the NECOM led by Emenike Nwokeoji urging the lawyer to withdraw from the case?
Also, if the Tope Akindele case is in Appeal, just as Adewusi case, why is the ANLCA National President bent on installing a candidate that did not go through a legal conducted chapter election in accordance with ANLCA Constitution and worst still the matter is still in Appeal Court?.


In another document sighted by our Reporter, a letter written with the letterhead paper of GREEN STAR LINE LTD, a company allegedly owned by Akindele Pius Tope
wrote a letter dated 14th September 2021, addressed to the then National President of ANLCA, Iju Tony Nwabunike its reads:

“Ref: suit NO: BD/3134 GCM/2019, I Temitope Pius Akindele ( Managing Director) of the above named company do hereby exonerated/ withdraw myself from the above suit NO, henceforth.

” I sincerely appreciated the efforts of NECOM by giving me a total pardon at the NEC meeting held on 06th September 2021 where the issue was raised, at the end of deliberations . Now on the apology letter 39 voted in favour of my apology letter, while non against my pardon. Glory be to God.

” Furthermore I also reaffirm my commitment with our great association to move forward. Great ANLCA, Great Professionals”.
The letter was signed by Akindele Pius Tope.

Again the understanding of this letter is that , the same Akindele Pius Tope who wrote this letter on 14th September 2021 commiting himself to have withdrawn from the suit and apologize to the NEC, is the same Tope Akindele that have resurfaced in 2024 to be sworn- in as the Chairman of the MMAC chapter, even though the matter is in Appeal Court.?


The election into the Murtala Mohammed Airport Cargo Chapter was held on 15th January, 2022 at the Police College, Ikeja Lagos State.

After series of horse trading and postponements, the Association Electorial Commission (ASECO), Chairman then, Aloy Anokwuru now late has beaten all challenges to conduct the election which was the only chapter remaining.

At the end of the contest, two candidates who contested for the Chairmanship, Prince BAMGBALA ADEWUSI scored 70 Votes, while Alhaji Bola Ashiru scored 49 votes.

Others winners include, Davies Ben Chukwunenye, Vice Chairman, 60 votes, Sylvester Iyamu, Secretary unopposed, Okere Chinedu, Assistant Secretary, unopposed, Lekwauwa Ifeanyi, Treasurer 63 votes, Gbenle Joseph, Financial Secretary 58 votes and Mmasike Victor, Publicity Secretary 71 votes.

According to the ANLCA Constitution, and practice, their certificates of return most be signed by the ANLCA National President, Chair BOT and ASECO Chairman. In this case Iju Tony Nwabunike, the then National President signed, Ozo Chukwura Felix signed for BOT Chairman, while late Aloy Anokwuru signed as the ASECO Chairman.

Their tenure as stated in their certificates of returns runs for four (4) years and is to terminate on 14th January 2026.


In a chat with our Reporter on why he is being hunted to vacate the seat as the MMAC chapter Chairman, Adewusi said, ” I don’t know what I have done to them, the National President and NECOM members, my election was conducted by an elected and legitimate NECOM led by Tony Nwabunike, they follow the Constitution of ANLCA and my tenure as stated in my certificate of returns reads four years, which terminate in January 2026.

“Am not afraid of leaving, but you cannot intimidate me and removed me illegally, especially when the matter is in court. The police looking at the matter has said let the status quo remains pending the outcome of the case in court. But I don’t know why they are desperate not to allow the law take its full course ?.

” You can see all the illegal steps they are taking to remove me by fire by force, I want all ANLCA members to rise up and defend ANLCA and its Constitution, it is not about Adewusi, it is about ANLCA Constitution, the law and the integrity of ANLCA members “.


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