TCIP Customs Sensitizes Officers, Stakeholders on Current Trends in Management of Cargo

Comptroller Dera Nnadi, Customs Area Controller of Tin Can Island Customs Command speaking at the lecture.

The Nigeria Customs Service, Tin-can Island Port Command, has organised a lecture on the current trends in cargo management at the port. The lecture, organised for releasing staff and examination officers and stakeholders was held at the Command on Tuesday, March 26, 2024.

The Customs Area Controller, Comptroller Dera Nnadi, noted that the lecture, is in compliance with the directives of the headquarters.

According to Compt. Nnadi, cargo examination is the bedrock of customs operations at the ports. “The idea is to compare the physical content of the container with documentary submission by the declarant or the importer.

“And what we expect is to ensure that there is no revenue leakage within the system, ensure that national security is protected and also to build trade data.”

He further emphasized the importance of trade to the Nigeria Customs Service and to the country’s growth and development.

He said, “Trade is synonymous with the Nigeria Customs Service, and the management of trade has a correlation with the development and growth of any nation. The moment you manage trade effectively in a country, that Country will have prospects and prosperity.”

He emphasised, “We are making our own contribution as a country through the NCS to also develop our environment.”

Participants at the lecture commended the Nigeria Customs Service’s efforts to improve its performance and that of stakeholders.

Assistant Comptroller of Customs, AC Ugochukwu Nwaogugwu, said the lecture “will go a long way to impact positively on our jobs, and the little mistakes will now be a thing of the past”.


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