Even as there are pretence that the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) is in one piece, the infectious peace of the graveyard is erupting to real manifestation that all is not yet well with Nigeria’s biggest body of freight forwarders.

The brewing bottle up anger by some aggrieved members took a new dimension at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport Cargo Chapter in Ikeja, Lagos State as an alleged infighting between the sitting Chapter Chairman , Prince Adewusi Bagmibala and Alhaji Bola Ashiru deepends with both parties and their supporters involved in a free for all Monday at the Association’s Secretariat at NAHCO, airport road.

According to a statement credited to the Spacial Assistant Media to ANLCA National President, Ayokule Suleiman he said Alhaji Bola Ashiru who has been in court with the sitting Chapter Chairman, Prince Bagmibala over the validity of his election wanted to forcefully takeover the chairmanship seat today.

The statement reads:

“It is an unfortunate day today in ANLCA MMAC Chapter as one of the candidates in the last Chapter election, Chief Bola Ashiru Balogun (Bolab) against every sound counsel and wisdom tried to overthrow the current Chairman of our One Big Family, forcefully.

“The day began like every normal day. Members went about their business within and around the secretariat with calm and gale.

“The Chairman was engaged with members of the EXCO in a meeting in his office, when suddenly, Chief Bola Balogun came into the Chairman’s office with officers of the Police Force from the Zonal Headquarters, Zone 2, Onikan.

“On the strength of a petition of Threat to Life against the Chairman, the Chairman followed them to the Zonal Headquarters.

“While the Chairman was away to Zone 2, the same Chief Bola Balogun came with hoodlums and area boys from God knows where, to forcefully break into the office of the Chairman and seize power forcefully on the strength of a May 2023 court judgement, which has been appealed and is currently being heard by the Appeal Court.

“Thanks to the immediate response and resistance by members of the Task Force, led by the CSO, Mr. Maxwell Onyemachi, and other well meaning members of our One Big Family, before men of the Air-force intervened and arrested Chief Bola Balogun and the hoodlums at the instance of the Vice Chairman and Treasurer of our One Big Family.

“It is pertinent to note here that, the Appeal Court is already sitting on the judgement of the lower court. The matter was heard at the Appeal Court 3 weeks ago, and all parties including the BOT ANLCA and Chief Bola Balogun in person were in court.

“It then begs the question, what was the true motive for the petition against the Chairman? If truly Chief Bola Balogun’s life was threatened as per the petition, why would he be preoccupied with forcefully taking over power in the absence of the Chairman, occasioned by his petition? Why did he not go with the officers of Zone 2 to buttress his petition?

“It is unfortunate that in this age and time, one who desires to lead a people will resort to violence and brigandage to achieve it. Thank God no life was lost, as calm and normalcy has been restored.”

But in a telephone chat with Alhaji Bola Ashiru to hear his own side of the story, he denied attempting to takeover the chairmanship seat.

” How can I takeover the Chairman seat?. The issue is that I reported a case of threat to life to the police at Zone 2, about how the Chairman, Prince Adewusi Bagmibala has been threatening my life . The police came and took him away, then there was confrontation between his supporters and my supporters .

” I told them there is even a sitting court judgement which has sacked him as the chairman and he is not obeying it. The Chairman has been arrested, that is what happened “. Ashiru said.

Meanwhile, the ANLCA Association Electorial Commission ( ASECO) Chairman, Nze Aloy Igwe has resigned.

In his resignation letter tendered on Monday to the National President of ANLCA barely six months into his presidency, Alloy Nze, the Chief Executive Officer of Nnemeks Investment Nigeria Limited, said

“When I was appointed into the office at a time ANLCA was in disarray, I knew it was going to be a difficult job. I threw in every energy in me into the assignment and with the support of all and sundry we delivered a credible election that everyone went home contented.

“ASECO as presently constituted depicts a divided house due to extraneous infiuence and pressure. The under current, the back biting and lack of trust within and without ASECO has caused me to review my membership and Chairmanship of the Committee”

“I have deeply addressed my thoughts to this, consulted family, friends and associates and decided that my time with ASECO is irreversibly over. There is no energy, no motivation left in me to continue to work under the prevailing regrettable circumstance”.

Confirming his resignation by by phone call in a chat with our Correspondent, Nze Aloy said he has to resign because there are somethings he cannot condone,more so he is not sure the election has brought the needed peace, as according to him some people are still vindictive in their leadership roles.

The ANLCA National President in a letter signed by the National Secretary, Olumide Fakanlu has accepted his resignation.


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