Customs begin Sales of Foodstuffs to Nigerians at Affordable Rates


By Innocent Orok

To mitigate the sufferings of Nigerians, especially the high cost of foodstuffs, the Nigeria Customs Service today ( Friday) will begin the sells of grains , especially rice and other items to the public.

According to the Customs, the items were seized as illegal Importations and has been duly forfeited to the Federal government.

Kick -starting the process on Thursday in Lagos, the
Comptroller General of Customs, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi MFR expressed the Service commitment to align with President Bola Tinubu-led administration’s plans to tackle the pressing issue of food insecurity by ensuring the availability of essential food items to Nigerians.

He said the distribution of rice would be targeted at areas of Customs operations, ensuring direct access to beneficiaries.

Adeniyi also stressed the importance of transparency and accountability in the distribution process, urging Nigerians participating in the exercise to refrain from selling the rice in markets or hoarding it for purposes other than domestic consumption.

Speaking further, the CGC said the NCS secured approval from the government to dispose of the seized food items to needy Nigerians at discounted prices after satisfying the verification process of presenting the National Identification Number (NIN).

He emphasized, “The target groups include artisans, teachers, nurses, religious bodies, and other Nigerians within our operational areas. The intention is to reach out directly to members through these organized structures to ensure the maximum impact of this exercise.”

He however, emphasized that the initiative’s primary objective is to provide essential food items to those in need, in line with the Nigeria Customs Service’s commitment to enhancing its social welfare responsibility programs.

“It is imperative that beneficiaries of this exercise understand that the items are not to be resold. We take a strong stance against any form of profiteering or exploitation of this initiative. We urge Nigerians to report any incidents of misuse or unauthorized resale of the seized food items.” the CGC said.


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