Úndercover Report on Certificate Racketeering: We don’t have Database of Graduates – NYSC


The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has explained how an undercover reporter @Theumar_audu breached its system and got mobilised for the scheme even after serving in 2019.

The spokesman of the NYSC Eddy Megwa explained that the reporter used different phone numbers to beat the system.

“It is not that we don’t have checks and balances in place to detect possible breaches of the system.

When the undercover reporter first put in his data, the system rejected him because he had served in the scheme before. He later changed his email address and his phone number which made the system to accept him. And he was initially posted to Osun State,”

“He did that because he was out for a particular purpose. We are looking at the situation and ensure that it does not happen again. We don’t have a database of graduates to serve in the scheme. We only rely on the lists sent to us by the senates of the various universities stating the number of graduates to expect from them”.

When asked how the NYSC can guide against such in the future, the NYSC spokesman said: “It is not our duty to assess their certificates, but we have resorted to inviting foreign students and giving them tests to know their abilities.

“In the course of doing that, we have made startling discoveries. Ask some of them to write a simple essay, you will be surprised at what you get. I have some of such materials that I can show you. NYSC is an elite scheme, not for illiterates and the means of communication is English Language.

“In 2006, the then DG of NYSC, Brig.- Gen. Yusuf Momoh, went to an orientation camp and asked a supposed corps member the title of his final project, the answer he gave was incredulous, and further investigation revealed that his name was smuggled into the list of graduates from a particular university.”

Culled from X handle of Imran Mohammad


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