SERAS AWARDS 2023: Coca-Cola Triumphs with Social Enterprise, Water Stewardship Awards


By Innocent Orok

In a dynamic celebration of Corporate Responsibility, Coca-Cola Nigeria earned premier accolades at the 17th SERAS Africa Sustainability Awards 2023.

The distinguished event, convened on December 15, 2023 at Oriental Hotel in Lagos, acknowledged Coca-Cola Nigeria’s unwavering commitment to water stewardship and societal improvement.

Under the theme “Circular Economy as the New Market Disruptor: SDGs Innovation as Key to Vision 2030,” the beverage leader’s substantial contributions were lauded across five themes: Circular Economy, Women Empowerment, Health/Well-being, Water Management and Social Enterprise of the Year.

Emphasizing its commitment to ESG factors, the company garnered top awards in “Best Company in Water Sanitation and Social Enterprise of the Year”, through its ground breaking Resilient Watershed for all project and the Empowering Collectors Initiative (ECI).

Coca-Cola Nigeria triumphed after a rigorous evaluation of 101 participating entities, meeting the stringent guidelines of ISO 26000 and the Global Reporting Initiative.
Speaking on this achievement, Coca-Cola Nigeria‚Äôs Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability Director, Nwamaka Onyemelukwe, reiterated the company’s dedication to sustainability as a core function of its operations.

“These awards affirm our resolute commitment to sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. It underscores our unwavering pledge to contribute positively to the communities we serve”, she added.

In recognizing the trials ahead, Onyemelukwe identified the collective ability to leverage change for a sustainable future. On this note, Coca-Cola Nigeria’s noteworthy accomplishments at the 2023 SERAS Awards suggest its unyielding dedication to impacting society and the environment positively. Endeavouring to sustain these achievements, the company aspires to steer others towards a sustainable future.


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