Barely a month after the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) concluded it’s National Executive Committee (NECOM) election. Alleged false and sponsored character assassination of some of its chieftains has started raising it’s ugly head again.

According to the Western Zone National Coordinator of the association , Femi Anifowose in a statement sent to our Correspondent, the same character who are bent of destroying the association have stated their game again,with sponsored speculative and fabricated reports in the Western Zone using himself and Dr Farinto Collins Kayode as targets.

Femi Anifowose , National Coordinator Western Zone, ANLCA during the Western Zone victory party in Lagos , recently.

According to Anifowose, the sponsored story titled- Conspiracy: ”

Farinto In Secret Meeting With Western Chapter Chairmen” is the handwork of agents who wants to destabilize the Western Zone and make his office redundant, a plot he said he will resist it.

The statement from the Western Zone National Coordinator reads


“We at the Western Zone of Association Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) are shocked and in disbelief to wake up this morning to read the above headline authored by one EGUONO ODJEGBA on his online platform, Pinnacletimes.ng .

The story read in part “There are strong indications that a contestant who lost out in the recent general election of the Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) is busy plotting to undermine the administration of the newly elected National President, Mr. Emenike Kingsley Nwokeoji.

“Usually dependable sources informed Pinnacle Time that a presidential contestant in the last election who lost to his opponent by a wide margin is riding on the back of a certain elected principal officer to sow seeds of discord in the mind of fellow officers not to cooperate with the NP as a means of making his administration unpopular.

“According to findings, the disgruntled former national leader is allegedly being supported and assisted by the newly elected Coordinator of Western Zone; Mr. Femi Anifowose in the alleged plot to frustrate the Nwokeoji led National Executive Committee (NECOM) of ANLCA.

“Pinnacle Time have it on strong authority that Anifowose reportedly called a meeting of chapter chairmen of the zone to discuss urgent matters of interest.

“According to grapevine, just about the time the said meeting was scheduled to commence, the defeated presidential candidate appeared at the venue and peremptorily took charge of the meeting, where he allegedly began to woo the chairmen not to support the incumbent NP’s administration.

“He was quoted to have allegedly said that should the non cooperation begin early enough and succeeds over a short period of time, chances are that Nwokeoji may be frustrated into resigning, with the inevitable option of his takeover.

“When reminded of the unconstitutionality of his supposition, he reportedly disclosed that he was considering approaching the court to contest the victory of Nwokeoji, which according to him will create a legal lacuna he could latch upon at the right time to stage a comeback.

“When contacted for reactions, some chieftains of the association who expressed shock and disbelief lamented that the said candidate may simply be blocking the path to his future emergence.

“Efforts by our reporter to hear the reaction of Dr. Kayode Collins Farinto, who was the only known opposing presidential contestant in the last race proved abortive as calls made to his telephone did not connect.”

“Ordinarily, we will not have bothered to react to this unfounded and speculative trash of a propaganda. Moreso, to the fact that, both the author and his platform are known for such paid unprofessional hatchet falsehood. But, to put the records straight and further enlightened these agents of discord who hide under the support of some of the ANLCA NECOM members to begin another round of acrimony, falsehood and hatred in the ANLCA fold through sponsored media character assassination and blackmail.

” They and their sponsors should note the following:

1. That after the ANLCA NECOM election we have all pledged and agreed to work together, mend fences and move ANLCA forward for the benefit and progress of all members. WE SHOULD NOT GO BACK TO EGYPT.

2. That, we all know how the NECOM election was won and lost and we have moved on, knowing full well that in the game of politics, its either you win or you lose , as such we have let the sleeping dog lies.

3. That, Dr Farinto Collins Kayode is a well known name and chieftain in ANLCA having hold very sensitive positions like Tin Can Chapter Chairman, National Publicity Secretary (NPS), National Vice president, and Acting President, aside from him being personal friend and partner in the industry, as such having a meeting or visiting him should not in the imagination or mischievousness of the sponsors meant what they are speculating.

4. That, based on my agenda as the elected Western Zone National Coordinator to unite all ANLCA members in the Western Zone, I have stated consultations, discussions , meetings and peace building process for the Western Zone to remain one. That is why I organised a Western Zone victory party for all, I don’t need this baseless and mischievous antics from any quarters .But, if those who are bent on doing this continues and are not caution by their sponsors, then we either moved forward or we go back to Egypt.

5. I said this with all sense of responsibility, because I know those behind this destructive antics, to pitch my head with the other members of NECOM on one hand and with Dr Farinto Collins Kayode our leader on the other hand. I promised such elements, that this time around, they will never have their way. Enough is Enough.

6. Finally, I want to plead and urged all ANLCA members nationwide and the Western Zone in particular to ignore these mischief makers, whom their stock in trade is to destroy personalities who have built their integrity for a bowl of porridge. We should also remember some of these agents of discord in ANLCA don’t even have a valid license nor have jobs to do. So the fall of ANLCA does not affect them in anyway. I therefore call on all productive and peace loving members of the association to partner with me in the Western Zone to bring back our unity of purpose which we are known for.

ANLCA is bound to be great again.

Great ANLCA, Great Professionals.

FEMI ANIFOWOSE. National Coordinator Western Zone, ANLCA.


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