“Character isn’t inherited. one builds it daily by the way one thinks and acts, thought by thought, action by action”. Helen Gahagan Douglas.

It is no longer news that we are into a “RENEWED HOPE” regime as propagated by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
What this implies is that , all hope is not lost, as such let’s be hopeful, but battle ready for the challenges ahead.

For the Nigerian maritime industry and the Nigerian trading community, especially trade across borders, government fiscal and monetary policies, revenue generation and anti- smuggling activities, it seems the real “Renewed Hope” is on the horizon. It seems the new Sheriff has already hit the ground running.

This ” My Observation” has become necessary, because while politicians usually celebrate their first 100 days in office, whereas most government fiscal policy frameworks, as well as confirmation of Appointments usually have 90 days grace period to achieve them . So, it has become imperative to asses the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) as a key implementor of government fiscal and monetary policies by taking stock of the Bashir Adewale Adeniyi’s first 90 days in office as Nigeria’s Acting CGC.

Appointed on June 19th 2023, decorated on June 26th, 2023 and hit the ground running on June 28, by touring the facilities and offices at the Customs Headquarters at Abijan Street Wuse Zone 3 Abuja, FCT. Since then, it has been series of tours, visits, collaborations and synergies galore around the country and beyond.

At the last count, Acting Comptroller Adewale Adeniyi has visited/ tour over 60 places, including Benin Republic, States, Governors Traditional rulers, , Seaports, Customs Commands, Formations and Units among others. He has also received and visited several personalities, groups and organisations, among them, National Security Adviser, Chief of Army Staff, Acting Inspector General of Police, FRSC, NPA, the list continues.All in a bit to foster a collaborative and cordial working relationships in his new rebranding of the NCS.

Adeniyi being a dogged trained and thoroughly breed Customs Officer in the last 90 days of his stewardship at the Customs House have unleashed his professional prowess by first rejiging his Management team to run things in accordance with the new Customs Act. While his redeployment of some key Management staff of DCG and ACG ranks was still talk of town, he recently carried out a shake -up of Customs Area Controllers (CACs).

In his fearless traits , he has dismantle the birth right of some cartels in the Service who for long have cornered the Apapa, Tin Can Island and Seme border Commands believed to be “Juicy” commands into their bossom as birth right for their subjects.

For the purpose of emphasis, the last time a Customs Officer from the Eastern part of the country administered the Tin Can Island Customs Command is over fifteen years ago, that was Comptroller Jerry Alagboso, who has served three times at the House of Representatives. At Seme border, I can’t remember anytime a South South Customs officer has hold sway at the foremost border of Seme Command . One may asked, why am I bringing this up,? Yes, that is our Country, we administer and ruled by cartels of tribe, friends, allies and brotherhood.

For Wale Adeniyi, the last 90 days has been taskful in preparation for the great task ahead. He has applied his simplistic, but rugged mien to set the tone for a productive NCS . As a PR / Communicator per excellence, he has applied the strategies of media advocacy, public enlightenment and communication tools to dominate the public space for all to be ready for the task ahead.

At this point, kudos should be given to the National Public Relations Office of the Service for showing the Stuff they are made of . Of course they are the product of the Master Himself, the Acting CGC.


Permit me to align myself with the school of thought that Wale Adeniyi is the “Square Peg in a Square Hole”. And particularly, for those who also believed that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is good at discovering productive talents to work for him to earn the glory. With Adeniyi’s stewardship so far, most stakeholders have come to accept him , even before now as the man for the job.

In the last 90 days he has shown capacity and boldness. He is knowledgeable, focus, dogged, rugged, exposed, intelligent and a thorough breed professional Customs officer. He has the modern technological communication skills to dismantle any doubt and misinformation within the organization and that is what the NCS needs for now.

After 90 days on the job, Adeniyi has shown the stuff he is made of to deliver on the ” RENEWED HOPE” agenda of President Bola Tinubu in his area of jurisdiction, which is implementation of government fiscal policies, Revenue generation, Trade Facilitation, Anti-smuggling activities among others.

Therefore, expectation of stakeholders is that Mr President will confirm his appointment, so that his numenclature will change from Acting Comptroller General Adewale Adeniyi to Comptroller General Bashir Adewale Adeniyi MFR.

By the Confirmation of his appointment, Mr President will not only have strengthened Adeniyi’s spirit and body to perform his functions audaciously, but will also gain more confidence from stakeholders and Nigerians that really he is walking the talk of his “Renewed Hope” agenda for Nigerians.

Citizen Innocent Orok is a Journalist based in Lagos State. For comments and suggestions , SMS/ whatapp to 08034489892.


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